Friday, February 19, 2010

Ready to Roll

By Karen J. Lucas-Howard

“ROADTRIP!” I have it written on my calendar in pink ink. It begins March 3rd and I can’t wait to get started. My name is Karen Howard, and for the second consecutive spring, STEAM is hosting a six week workshop for moms and their 4th-6th grade daughters. During this workshop which is based on my workbook entitled, Just Who Do You Think You Are?, I will lead mother and daughter teams on a fun and exciting excursion through the town of YOUston. Using activities, puzzles, scriptures and conversation, daughters will discover more about themselves. Moms will discover more about their daughters, and both will discover more about God.

Girls who attended the workshop last year enjoyed learning about their own personal styles, personalities and how God sees them. Moms expressed that the time they spent with daughters in these sessions was invaluable… and fun. One mom described the experience as “priceless.” Another mom said that the class inspired conversations with her daughter that probably wouldn’t have taken place otherwise.

When completing the final workshop evaluation forms, all the moms agreed that we achieved the goals of the sessions: To encourage girls to explore their own personalities and thoughts; To encourage a growing relationship between girls and their moms; And to encourage a growing relationship between girls and God.

This workshop is a great tool for moms who want to build, strengthen, and grow a healthy Godly relationship with their daughters. For more information on how and why I came to write “Just Who Do You Think You Are?” click on the link below… and then sign up to join us!

To register: e-mail Joy Beidel in the 4th-6th grade ministry.

Article: "Just Who Do You Think You Are?" by Karen Lucas-Howard

Sunday, February 7, 2010

An Update: Human Trafficking at the World Cup

A few months ago, I wrote about a proposal in South Africa to legalize prostitution during this year's World Cup, and the danger that posed for children and youth who might become pawns at the hands of sex traffickers, for whom such a move would be a financial boon ("A Great Evil that is About to Unfold", October 10, 2009). Now, Benjamin Skinner, who was a panelist at the Global Forum on Human Trafficking here last fall, has published this article in Time Magazine on sex trafficking and South Africa's weak resolve to stop it.